How to Design a Website?

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A website would not be very useful to the users if its web design is not effective. An effective web design makes the user, or the visitor, of the web site at ease and comfortable in browsing through the web site’s pages. If you are a web designer, you should always consider a couple of guidelines whenever you design a website.

A designer should always place the logo and the name of the site on every page. The logos should also be linked to the homepage of the website. You have to remember that the logo design toronto should not be linked to the current page. A web designer should also create a simple and a short title and headline for each page. Make it straightforward and clear.

The nest thing that a web designer must consider is to design each page to facilitate scanning to help the users browse through each page quickly. Highlight the important information in each page. The “must-know” information should standout, this will help the visitors and the users quickly know what the web site is trying to say. In addition, a search tool is helpful to users if the web site has multiple pages.

If the web site has a lot of topics to discuss, a designer must strategically design the web site into which the information is organized. He can make an overview of the web site on the first page and then create a hyperlink to the different subtopics that are needed to be discussed. Each sub-topic will be presented on a different page to avoid a long and boring page.

The use of images and videos will be of great help. A web designer must know how to place photos and videos to help the visitors and the users process information quickly. A web designer can also link the photo to a different page where the details of that particular image are discussed in a more comprehensive way. If the photo is too large for the page to fit, a web designer can also crop and resize the images to focus on the important detail of the photo.

And lastly, the use of link titles to provide users with a preview of where each link will take them before they have clicked on it is also an important consideration a web designer must keep in mind. This will help the users to easily browse through the pages they want to focus on.


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