Top Ten Mistakes of ClickBank Review Websites


Developing a website for ClickBank reviews is a popular disguise that affiliates use to create sales from buyers who are searching for the truth with regards to a specific ClickBank product. This can be particularly true due to the fact that a lot of products on the ClickBank marketplace (particularly items related to making money) are of the ‘too good to be true’ variety. People today have a need to figure out if an item is for real by reading honest ClickBank reviews, and there are thousands of internet marketers who’re anxious to tell consumers ‘the truth’ about these goods.

Unfortunately, for consumers (and for ClickBank), most ClickBank review web pages are doing things all wrong, and deliver no real value to the consumer. This tends to make ClickBank products appear more like ‘scams’, and has an unfavorable impact on the internet marketing community.

Based on my experience in wanting to develop my own ClickBank review web-site, here are the top 10 mistakes that I’m attempting to avoid:

1.) Not Being Sincere about ClickBank Product Reviews

Most ClickBank I’ve visited are essentially duplicating the content of the product sales page, which is always full of extremely unrealistic expectations and testimonials that present the item as better than it truly is. Be sincere with your buyers in all regards, give them beneficial information about what to expect, and people far more likely to buy from you.

2.) Not Using Rich Media for ClickBank Reviews Like Pictures and Video

ClickBank product review sites that are composed of long paragraphs of text are neither exciting, nor engaging for the audience. Individuals are more likely to commit to a purchase if they’re engaged through content that consists of videos and graphics.

3.) Not Having Sufficient Knowledge of a ClickBank Product Prior to Reviewing It for an Audience

In order to help other people understand the truth about a product listed on the ClickBank marketplace, you have to learn all the details. It is tempting to write a bunch of content about product just for the sake of having more content, but in order to gain the trust of potential clients, it’s essential to demonstrate your knowledge.

4.) Not Engaging the Audience by Leveraging Social Media Channels

To build the validity of your site as well as your expertise, you have to demonstrate that you have gone the extra mile by attempting to engage your customers through other social media. Any honest online enterprise must have established profiles on the various social networks in order to be recognized as an authority on the subject matter.

5.) Not Creating Original ClickBank Product Reviews

For those who plan to develop a ClickBank product review site by buying articles or scraping articles from other sources, you’re most likely to run into quite a few issues. Search engines (and people) are usually seeking for one thing: unique and authentic content that comes from passionate people.

6.) Not Looking Professional

Any internet site is destined to fall short if it looks like it was built from a cookie cutter WordPress web template or from canned CSS obtained from another website. Commit your time and energy into learning the fundamentals of web development, and style your site based on other modern websites that follow best practices.

An excellent place to get started is usually to locate a website which you pay a visit to frequently, and study the layout and design. Do not copy the style, but use it as inspiration as you craft your site identity.

7.) Underestimating Your Audience

Your buyers know when they are getting pitched to. Let the truth do the talking and focus your reviews on products that work and improve the lives of the consumer.

8.) Not Providing More Information than is available on the Product Sales Page

Go into as much detail as you can to ensure that the consumers reading your evaluations find out more about an item than they can discover from anywhere else on the web. Become the authority for a product and people will direct potential buyers to your website simply because you have the most beneficial information.

9.) Using the Same Template for Every Review

A lot of ClickBank review websites are put into place by individuals who think that adding new content implies a copy, paste, spin, and edit cycle. I won’t call out any specific websites, but if you see that all the reviews follow the exact same structure, you know that these reviews were generated in a ‘factory’ and not created by real users who have genuine passion and interest in the product.

10.) Not Admitting that you are Trying to Sell the Product

At the risk of repeating other bullet points, I’ll reiterate that most visitors will know that your ‘review’ website is also an affiliate website that’s trying to sell to them. Be upfront about it, announce it to your guests, and thank them for their interest and willingness to help you succeed in your endeavor.

If you are thinking of getting into this niche and developing your own ClickBank reviews website, do the world a favor and make it a better place by offering value for your website visitors. Without offering value for your potential consumers, you’ll not have the ability to build relationships, and you’ll be destined for failure.


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